Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Khloé Kardashian
Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Khloé Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez‘s love may not cost a thing, but her purse will set you back a pretty penny.

In September, the pop icon hit the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her movie “Hustlers” clutching a $5,695 crystal-encrusted Judith Leiber Couture minaudière shaped like a fat stack of $100 bills.

A favorite of famous folks ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Selena Gomez, the brand’s signature sparkling bags have long been staples in Lopez’s wardrobe. But this style was a particularly fitting choice: Her character in the film, stripper-turned-entrepreneur Ramona, carries the very same “Stack of Cash Rich” clutch onscreen.Jennifer Lopez (and her Judith Leiber cash clutch) in

Jennifer Lopez (and her Judith Leiber cash clutch) in “Hustlers”STX Entertainment

“There’s a funny little secret about the movie version: Because it was one of our first prototypes, one side is beaded upside down,” Judith Leiber Couture’s chief creative officer Jana Matheson told Page Six Style. “It’s one of a kind.”

But while the bedazzled wad of Benjamins might have been a perfect pick for the “Hustlers” heroine, who had the honor of carrying it before any other celebrity, the design wasn’t initially developed with the movie in mind.

“The stack of cash came very specifically from the emoji, the idea of finding inspiration on your phone,” Matheson said, adding that the style “hadn’t even made it to stores yet” before the film’s costume crew snapped it up for the shoot.

The clutch’s sky-high price tag befits its construction. “There are about 14,000 hand-set crystals on each bag, and it takes one artisan about a week to bead each piece,” Matheson explained.

Following Lopez’s lead, it wasn’t long before the blinged-out bag found its way into the hands of the family arguably most associated with conspicuous consumption: the Kardashians. “Self-made” billionaire Kylie Jenner struck a sultry post with the clutch on Instagram, while her sister Khloé Kardashian carried it to the People’s Choice Awards last month.

As for why the playful style has proven such a hit with the A-list? While Judith Leiber has created crystal-covered clutches shaped like everything from fast food to punchy pillboxes in the past, Matheson points out that there’s an added level of nostalgia to this particular novelty purse.

“Who carries money around? We just carry credit cards now,” she said. “It’s a fun play on something that may disappear someday.”

Plus, she quipped, “Who doesn’t want to walk around feeling like a billionaire?”


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