Harden-mocks-LeBronHarden was not happy with the San Antonio Spurs star’s position after scoring, leading to a barging contest between the pair as fans were left unimpressed.

James Harden was brutally mocked by NBA fans as he got involved in a brawl minutes into the first quarter.

The Houston Rockets are having a difficult time against the San Antonio Spurs, losing 72-53 at home.

And one man suffering is Harden, who has only two points on the scoreboard.

The point guard tops the NBA scoring charts at 1,021 points.

Footage has emerged, though, of the 30-year-old’s timer getting the better of him at the Toyota Center.

In the clip, there are just over six minutes left of the first quarter.

Spurs have raced out to a 20-7 lead – and Harden is at fault for two more points.

The point guard is put under pressure by opposite number Dejounte Murray.

And the visitors win back possession, with the 23-year-old jumping to a dunk all on his own.

Harden tries to get the ball back for a quick restart but the Spurs man stars in his way.

The Rockets star holds nothing back as he shoves the point guard away.

James Harden was brutally mocked by fans as he was involved in a brawl minutes into the Rockets’ clash with the Spurs
But they quickly get involved in a shoving match before the referee gets involved.The rest of the players soon come between the pair before the game continues.This footage was quickly shared on Twitter, where it has already been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

The point guard was trying to get the ball back when Dejounte Murray stood in his way

But fans were not as sympathetic towards the Rockets star.

“Who els just became a Dejounte fan from this,” one said.

Another commented: “Harden is soft.”

While a third suggested what triggered the 30-year-old.

And they quickly got involved in a brawl on the court, with Harden being mocked


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